SEO Pricing


We are, understandably, asked how much it costs for our local SEO services. The simple answer is that it all depends what you need us to do. Below is a checklist of the services we offer, so if you could choose from here so we can give you an indication of our fees.

1. Do you need us to register a domain for you?

2. Do you need us to design and provide hosting for a website?

3. Do you need us to list your business with Google Business Profile section?

4. Do you want us to provide local SEO services to get your website ranking on the Google Local Business Pack, as we have done with our clients hightlighted in our case studies?

5. If already have a website and want to rank on the first page of Google, we will need to work with your existing web designer to make changes to your website as it is not possible to rank without making these changes.

6. We are flexible with fees and are happy to accept one off payments or monthly payments. We strongly recommend monthly payments as local SEO takes time for rankings to improve.

Contact us now for more information or fill out our new business enquiry form and we will come back to you.