Google PageSpeed Insights

The simple answer is Yes!

Page loading speed is a factor that can affect Google rankings, including for local SEO. Google has indicated that page speed is considered as one of the many signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Faster-loading pages provide a better user experience, and Google tends to prioritize pages that offer a positive experience for users.

For local SEO specifically, where businesses aim to target a local audience, having a fast-loading website is crucial. Users, especially those on mobile devices, are more likely to engage with and stay on a website that loads quickly. Google recognizes the importance of mobile user experience and page speed, and it’s integrated into its ranking algorithms.

To improve page speed for local SEO, you can consider optimizing images, using browser caching, minimizing server response time, and employing other techniques to make your website load faster. Google provides tools like PageSpeed Insights that can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your site for better performance.

Below is a screendump from Google PageSpeed Insights which shows the loading speed and other metrics from this website.

If you are building a website from scratch it is vital you use a fast loading theme and you aim to score above 90 when tested in the PageSpeed Insights tool.  

Does page loading speed impact Google Ranking